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Buckle-Up Internet, the next few days may be a little bumpy
Posted by Matt Kinne on 04 November 2016 11:20 AM

Internet Attack Map

You may have noticed things going on with the internet the past few weeks. Major sites such as Reddit, Twitter, Netflix, and many more experiencing connectivity issues in late October. This was caused by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on Dynamic Network Services (Dyn), which routes internet traffic; it is part of the internet's address system. A DDoS attack is where many infected internet devices target a single system. These devices can be anything from a computer, phone, or even a baby video monitor. 

That leaves the question: "can't we just update the devices to prevent this?" In theory, yes we can updated computers and phones with the latest security patches, but when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), it's not that simple. The IoT are classified as everyday objects that have network connectivity. Some examples are thermostats, baby monitors, fridges, and the list continues to grow everyday. According to CSO, there are between 13 billion to 18 billion IoT devices in use today. Many of these devices have admin controls and have no way of being updated or patched.

Just as everything was starting to clear up, it seems like it is coming back once more. As of today (11/4) major sites such as EA, Netflix, Delta, and Craigslist have been experiencing issues intermittently. When attacks on the main internet infrastructure happen, it causes strain on the whole world wide web, not just the intended targets. Effects from large-scale DDoS attacks may or may not cause slow loading times on your company website. 

At Evolve Systems, we will continue to employ everything we can to protect your site. We are constantly monitoring servers and will continue to keep you updated with any developments. We don't know if anything will happen in the coming days, but according to a DHS Official, the attacks on October 21 could have been a trial run for a potential attack on Election Day. 

Just make sure to keep an eye out and remember to go out and vote!


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