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What is Your Website’s New Year’s Resolution?
Posted by Matt Kinne on 08 January 2018 10:57 AM

With the new year comes new beginnings. Here at Evolve Systems, we want to help make your internet dreams come true! We’re an agency creating business solutions for the digital world. Here is a list of 10 resolutions that your website might be secretly asking you for.

  1. Updated Meta Descriptions
    Did you know that Google changed its maximum meta description length from 160 to 320 characters? This change means that your descriptions can provide better details to affect your SEO.
  2. Google’s Mobile Friendliness
    When customers are searching, Google will automatically rank websites that have mobile-friendly functions higher than those that can only be interacted with through a computer. We can help make your website reachable by phones and tablets, contact us to find out how.
  3. Site Speed
    Google likes sites that can load quickly and interact with people faster, and we bet you do too. Take 2018 to make your website quick, simple, and usable.
  4. Duplicate Content
    In past years, did you copy and paste information on several pages? With the new way SEO works, this practice hurts your rankings. You now need to have fresh language on every page if you want to go up in rank! Bright side, we have copywriters ready to help your website achieve this!
  5. Local Backups
    Did you know you could lose information even if you think it is saved to your computer? Local backups are a must for 2018, ask us how to sign-up for EvolveCare and not have to worry about this problem happening to you.
  6. SEO
    Google analytics scans what your website says and ranks it based on keywords and several other factors. Make 2018 the year your website organically ranks above your competition.
  7. Target Language to Your Ideal Audience
    Does your website take the “shotgun” approach, hoping to put information out there and have it scatter enough to capture customers? Instead, use directed language for an ideal target audience. They will appreciate the information and you will be able to capture a larger share of a slice in your industry.
  8. Broken Link
    Ever wonder what that random button on your homepage is supposed to do? If you answered “yes” to that question it’s time to fix your broken links. Ask us how!
  9. ADA Accessibility
    Did you know that screen readers evaluate your metadata descriptions and rank your ADA accessibility? Take 2018 to make your website available to a broader range of potential clients.
  10. Celebrate Your Website’s Birthday
    Now that it’s 2018, copy write years at the bottom of the page and years you’ve been in business need to be updated. Also, did you bring on an amazing new team member last year? Don’t forget to update your “Contact Us” and “Our Team” pages to represent who will be working for you this year!
  11. Here’s a bonus tip, just for fun.
    Your logo might want a refresh too! Contact our team to learn more about our design services.

Act on what your website needs, adapt your strategies to grow more than 2017, and evolve to the next stage of your company. Join Evolve Systems, let’s get to work.

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