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It is truly amazing how many new things one can learn in a day, every day, day after day.  This article open my eyes to being even more diligent about my login and logout practices.

Brynne Tillman writes specifically about LinkedIn logins and how you may easily have several concurrent sessions open without your knowledge.  I followed the link she provided and found

out I had seven open sessions and many I did not recognize.


Multiple sessions can happen for several reasons.  You may in fact have several legitimate sessions open.  Having Facebook open concurrently on your desktop, phone and tablet will be common for many folks.

If you don't recognize the sessions indicated, logout for safety.  If you feel like you may have a compromised account, logout of all sessions and then go ahead and change your password.


Here's another article that explains the same issue and resolution for gmail, Facebook and Twitter.


Make it a practice to logout whenever you access accounts from public computers or publicly hosted internet hotspot.


Stay safe out there!

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