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Homepage Recommendations for Your Website
Posted by Cheri Marchio on 30 October 2014 12:29 PM

For many of us 60-80+% of all of our traffic arrives at our website through our homepage  

Your homepage is a visual, SEO and functional workhorse for your web presence.  Keeping the design, functionality and content fresh will help you to attract and convert your web visitors.

So, where to start?  Start by asking a few questions:

  1. How long has it been since you have updated your homepage?  
  2. Was it originally designed to 'tell your story' or is it designed with the web visitor's needs in mind?
  3. How is it working SEO-wise and Google Analytics-wise?  Are you attracting the right kind of visitor, with low bounce rate and high click through rates to other pages?
  4. Does it relay the proper updated messaging for how you are doing business today?

Our checklist for your homepage

If not, we put together a checklist of recommendations.  We know that all suggestions are not right for every business - but these suggestions are really 'bare bones' concepts that all updated and successful websites need.

Your page header:

  • Logo that is clickable and returns visitors to Homepage - this is really an industry standard that most users are aware of
  • Tagline for your business - to help new visitors figure out what you do
  • A search box - to aid the visitor with something specific in mind
  • A phone number for quick contact information - make it clickable for mobile users
  • Social follow icons and a blog link - make it easy to find you elsewhere on the internet

Primary navigation options or menu items:

  • About Us - this is often the second or third most visited page after the homepage.  We want to know who we are doing business with.
  • Products - self explanatory
  • Services - self explanatory
  • Resources - quick links to things your prospects and customers need to know for support and education
  • Contact Us - a link to the contact page with a Google map and contact form

The body of the page:

  • Relevant, optimized, linked images - both search engines and people like to click on follow links and items of interest
  • Headline 1 <H1> a visual guideline humans and instructional meta tag for search engines to understand the page contents.  Also essential for keyword optimization.
  • Headline 2 <H2> a secondary heading or phrase that support the main headline - because we like summary information in small bites

Sidebar options:

  • Subscribe to newsletter - capture contact information from visitors to for remarketing opportunities like newsletters, emails, etc.
  • Offer - convince visitors to act now.  Give them a reason to click through and learn more.
  • Social Proof or testimonial - for new visitors proof is important to begin the trust cycle we build with all prospects

Secondary navigation:

  • Popular menu options - repeat popular menu items at the bottom of the page
  • Sitemap - used by humans and search engines seeking page content in an outline format
  • Privacy - Besides being prudent legal messages most analytics and 3rd party software require privacy statements.  


  • Copyright Information - show your site is cared for and current - with the current year displayed.
  • NAP - Name, address and phone number - this is information and used by search engines for local optimization

So there it is - a hit list for updates.  We are happy to help if you are too busy or just don't care to make the changes yourself.  But do plan to keep your site fresh and updated and begin at the front with your homepage.

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