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Is Having a Mobile Responsive Website Really Necessary?
Posted by Don Raleigh on 17 December 2015 03:15 PM

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Is Having a Mobile Responsive Website Really Necessary? 

One of the largest technological advancements has been in all of our pockets over the past decade. From Mark Zuckerberg coming out with Facebook in 2004, to recently with the introduction of ApplePay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, and other similar software payment services. Because of these new advancements consumers no longer need different credit cards in order to make a payment at a retail store. Because of this, the consumer has also realized that they can create orders online through their mobile device, taking the brick and mortar store front out of the equation. Thus making the revelation that any type of E-Commerce transaction can be done from their mobile devices.

According to Tony Haile of Chartbeat, in his TIME magazine article, consumers only spend a total of 15 seconds on a website if it is not mobile responsive. So, how do businesses refocus their efforts in order to hone in on this "microwave", or the TL;DR generation? The answer may be simpler than one may think. Focus on the true purpose of the site, if the purpose is to raise awareness for an issue, sell a product or service, or reveal a solution to a problem. All of this can be done by using simple tools to make your site "mobile friendly" or transferring the site to a mobile responsive platform. Which, your friends at Evolve Systems can help with. 

In the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts have a key phrase that really speaks the truth about mobile websites:

"Google likes Google, and if you dont play with Google, Google wont play with you"

It sounds like one of those Russian jokes that we always hear, but, Google, last year put out an a new SEO rule where if your website is not mobile responsive, Google will punish you by not putting your website as high as its rankings in the search engine as your competition. Here is a link for more information from Google

One easy way to check if your website is mobile responsive is to follow this link, and put in your web address. It will show you what your site looks like on a mobile platform, and show you why it is important to have a mobile site. Here is a link for a great example of what a mobile site should look like. Notice how you don't need to "zoom" in with your fingers, and you dont run into the risk of the "American Thumb" syndrome and click the wrong button because said button was too small, and all of the critical information is listed immediately? That is what having a mobile responsive website looks like. 

The solutions are out there, its just taking the right step forward, and accepting the fact that the market is changing. Your market is no longer just about the people in your store, but those viewing you from their couches at home, so, what are you going to do to make sure that you are not losing those potential clients?

If you have any questions about moving your site over to a mobile responsive platform, or are curious on how to become more "mobile friendly", contact Don Raleigh III at Evolve Systems. Email him at [email protected], and his phone number is (651) 556-4635

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-Don Raleigh III

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